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  HE the GCCSG: The bombing of Al Fakhoura School Represents a Clear Violation of International Humanitarian Law and Contradicts all Ethical and Humanitarian Values

General Secretariat - Riyadh

His Excellency Mr Jasem Mohamed Albudaiwi, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC),  expressed his strong condemnation and denunciation at the bombing of the Al Fakhoura school, which is under the administration of the UNRWA in the Gaza Strip, by the Israeli occupation forces.

His Excellency stated that this aggressive act, which targeted innocent civilians, constitutes a clear violation of international humanitarian laws, treaties, and values, adding that  it goes against all ethical and humanitarian principles.
He reiterated his complete rejection of any deliberate targeting of the lives of innocent civilians, calling for an immediate ceasefire. 

He stressed the importance of ensuring the protection of civilians, relief facilities, and humanitarian workers. He also called for the activation of relevant international decisions and the implementation of international accountability mechanisms to investigate these ongoing violations and hold the perpetrators accountable.

His Excellency the Secretary General affirmed the commitment of the GCC countries to their steadfast position in supporting all international efforts to achieve peace and justice, and standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their legitimate demands. He called on the international community to take urgent and immediate action to put an end to these aggressive acts and to prevent further escalation that threatens regional and international stability.