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  The 16th Meeting of the GCC Air Navigation Committee

GCC- Riyadh
At the invitation of the GCC General Secretariat, the GCC Air Navigation Committee held the 16th meeting, via visual communication, on Wednesday, 8 July 2020. The committee reviewed the results of the 3rd meeting of the GCC working group studding the establishment of a unified upper Airfield, and agreed on the recommendations regarding the necessary steps to support the partial implementation until the operational and technical priorities are finalized.
They also discussed the implications of the air navigation sector regarding the Corona virus and the measures taken to reduce its effects, and the coordination between the GCC states with the aim of returning to operating in the GCC airports jointly.
They stressed the importance of the participation of the GCC states in the regional and international virtual sessions and workshops on air navigation in order to raise the level of this vital and important field, and agreed to hold the next meeting during the month of December 2020, to follow up on developments regarding air navigation.