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  The Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council condemns the Houthi Militia launching Two Ballistic Missiles at Saudi Arabia

GCC- Riyadh
HE Dr. Nayef Falah Mubarak Al-Hajraf, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council condemned the launching of two ballistic missiles by the Houthi militias towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, targeting civilians in the cities of Riyadh and Jizan.
The Secretary General emphasized that this terrorist attack, which came at a time when the world was making efforts to confront the pandemic of the emerging Corona Virus, not only targeted the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but also the security and stability of the Gulf region, and violated the international laws and norms that prevent the targeting of civilians and civilian objects.
The Secretary General praised the efficiency and readiness of the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces, which were able to intercept and destroy the two missiles before they reached their targets.
The Secretary General also affirmed that the Gulf Cooperation Council stands by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and supports all measures taken to maintain its security, stability and safety of its citizens, calling on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and stand firmly in the face of Houthi militias in their efforts to destabilize peace and security in the region.