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At its 24th session (December 2003), the Supreme Council adopted a mechanism for following up the progress of the Common Market, which is as follows:

1. The competent ministerial committees shall propose necessary mechanisms for implementation of the GCC Common Market according to the time schedule set forth in the resolution of the Supreme Council at its 23rd session
2. Financial and Economic Cooperation Committees shall follow up the progress of the GCC Common Market in the light of Supreme Council's resolutions and the Economic Agreement, and shall evaluate the stage of implementation reached in each aspect thereof, examine the difficulties hindering implementation and propose appropriate mechanisms for solving them.

While the Economic Agreement 1981 did not contain any downright provision relating to Economic nationality or the Common Market, the revised "Economic Agreement 2001" provides that the objective of the equal treatment in the said ten fields is to achieve the GCC Common Market. The Agreement indicates further that achievement of Economic nationality is one of its objectives.

The preamble of the Economic Agreement 2001 includes an indication that the Agreement represents a response to the aspirations of the GCC citizens to achieve GCC nationalization, including equal treatment, movement and residence, work, investment, education, health and social services.
The steps being taken to achieve Economic nationality