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At the 28th Session (Doha, December 2007), the Supreme Council declared the launch of the GCC Common Market. The GCC Secretariat is following up finalization of respective national legislation in each Member State.

For the purpose of finding a reference to the laws and procedures for the GCC Common Market, the "Common Market" Document was adopted by the Supreme Council at the 29th session in December 2008.

In order to communicate with GCC citizens, communicating officers have been appointed for the GCC Common Market from all Member States, in addition to the Secretariat.

The tools enabling GCC citizens to benefit from the resolutions of the Supreme Council are also being completed through the following:
a) Measuring the degree of benefit by the GCC nationals from the Supreme Council’s resolutions concerning Economic nationality: The Secretariat dispatched detailed questionnaires seeking citizens' opinions on the progress of the Common Market, results of such questionnaires are being analyzed for submission to the competent authorities
b) Continuing disseminating awareness among GCC nationals on the advantages they would obtain from the GCC Common Market. Media officials in member States have also held several meetings wherein they have approved a number of awareness promoting mechanisms.
c) Developing mechanisms for dispute settlement set forth in the Economic Agreement, which would provide a viable reference for GCC nationals and business relating to the settlement of disputes arising from the interpretation of Economic nationality.