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The GCC Charter, the Economic Agreement and the resolutions of the Supreme Council represent the basic reference of the joint economic activity. The integration and coherence among the GCC States in the economic field represent one of the basic objectives set forth in the GCC Chart. Article (4) of the Chart identifies the main objectives of the GCC as follows:

1. Achieving coordination, integration and coherence among the GCC States in all areas with a view to reaching their unity
2. Deepening and strengthening the ties , links and the fields of cooperation already existing among their peoples in the various areas
3. Developing uniform laws (regulations) in the various fields, including the following:

a. Economic and financial affairs
b. Trade affairs, customs and communications
c. Educational and cultural affairs
d. Social and health affairs
e. Information and tourism affairs
f. Legislative and administrative affairs

4. Pushing ahead the wheel of the scientific and technological advancement in the fields of industry, mining, agriculture and water and animal resources, and establishing research centers and joint ventures, and encouraging the private sector cooperation that would bring about the good of their peoples.