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a) Issuance of the Unified Directory of the Port Rules and Regulations at GCC Member States to be binding on all Member States .
b) Preparation and adoption of the Standard Model for the GCC Port Statistics.
c) Issuance of the GCC Common Maritime Law to be implemented by the ports of the GCC Member States and the GCC Maritime Affairs Departments.
d) All Member States have signed the MOU on the inspection and surveillance of vessels in the seaports of Member States (Riyadh MOU), which is an international MOU made among some countries belonging to a single region at any part of the world. This MOU addresses the safety and protection of marine environment at that region. That MOU was made active by establishing a Secretariat Office and Information Center for the MOU at Muscat where they commenced their tasks.
e) Preparation of safety rules for small-load vessels not subject to international conventions.
f) Preparation of a study on establishing a GCC company for marine navigation aids.