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In implementation of the resolution of the Supreme Council at its 24th session (Kuwait, December 2003) instructing the GCC Secretariat to conduct feasibility study on the project of constructing a GCC railway that interconnects all GCC Member States and enhances their economic development, The GCC Secretariat has signed a contract with a consulting office for the feasibility study on the GCC railway project . The consulting office conducted the said study, and the final report of the study is being reviewed and will be submitted to the Supreme Council for approval.
Preparation of common standards for road construction and interconnection in Member States
Establishing the society for the GCC road engineering that seeks to promote the levels of the GCC roads engineering activities and enable the road engineers at Member States to exchange views and expertise in this field.
Preparation of the Directory of the organizational structures for the Ministries of Communications at Member States with a view to unifying those structures
Preparation of the Directory of the Traffic Controls
Preparation of the Directory for the Highway fees
Preparation of the Transport Safety Rules in Member States
The Supreme Council adopted a resolution permitting natural and legal persons to engage in all kinds of transportation at GCC Member States and treat them as nationals of the host Member State.