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a) Allowing national carriers to sell tickets directly without having to procure a general agent or GCC national sponsor, which would make it easier for GCC nationals and residents to get air tickets from the national carriers directly and would consequently increase the income of national carriers
b) Establishing a joint GCC office at IATA to coordinate GCC positions at the international events, follow up the developments in the air transportation and notify Member States of such developments.
c) Establishing a joint catering unit at Heathrow Airport, London. That catering unit will supply the aircraft of GCC national carriers with meals conforming to the Islamic teachings. Furthermore, many carriers belonging to Islamic countries will also be supplied with such meals, which will contribute to increasing the income of the national carriers,
d) Increasing the number of flights among GCC States with a view to fostering the ties and visits among GCC nationals and enhancing intra-GCC trade and tourism,
e) Procuring a joint insurance policy for the GCC national carriers, which would cut relevant costs and provide national carriers with better conditions and privileges in this regard,
f) Group (joint) purchasing of jet fuel at some stations worldwide.
g) Preparing a unified training directory and a security procedures directory for national carriers