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The joint action in the field of planning and development aims at achieving coordination and harmonization of the development plans of the GCC Member States to reach integration in all fields. To this effect, the GCC Member States are developing strategies, policies and mechanisms for enhancing economic and social integration in the light of reviewing and evaluating the existing integration policies, proposing policies and programs for setting up joint projects that would achieve the GCC economic integration objectives, formulating appropriate policies and programs for increasing the role of the economic development and developing the general frameworks that are in line with the objectives of the comprehensive development in the GCC Member States.

The GCC Member States are also coordinating efforts in the field of information exchange, utilizing the information technology for developing data and statistics and facilitating exchange thereof among Member States, implementing joint programs and enterprises, unifying statistical classifications and directories, and coordinating cooperation of the GCC Member States with regional and international organizations in fields of planning, development and statistics with a view to maximizing benefit among Member States. Member States are also developing programs for the exchange of experience in the field of planning.