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Beginnings, Principles and Objectives

The joint sport action has been the concern of the GCC States since the first years of establishing the GCC, where Their Highnesses, Chairmen of the Olympic Committees at the GCC States held their first meeting at the headquarter of the Secretariat ( Riyadh, 20-21 Rabie I, 1403 H.- 24-25 December 1983). Chairpersons of the Olympic Committees have laid down the foundations for this activity and the objectives of supporting the joint action and promoting the sport sector at the GCC States. These principles included the following:

(A) Objectives of the Joint Action in the GCC Sport Field

1. Contribution to the achievement of the GCC basic objectives through the Olympic activities

2. Achieving coordination , cooperation and coherence between the GCC States in the sport field based on the objectives of the joint action at the GCC States

3. Developing a general strategy for the development of sport at the GCC States

4. Coordination of the efforts and unification of positions among the GCC States at the continental and international conferences and meetings

5. Raising the technical level of these games within the framework of the rules developed by the International Olympic Committee and the international federations for the various sport games
6. Encouraging the exercise of sports at the GCC States, raising their performance level and the development of these games within the rules of the GCC, the International Olympic Committee and the international federations for the various sport games and this regulation

7. Promoting the Olympic principles , inspiring the sportsmanship and maintaining the GCC sport identity

8. Supervising the organization of sport contests, competitions, championships , tournaments and conferences between Member States

9. Issuing publications and booklets on the development of sport games and distributing such publications, at largest scale, among the GCC States, and organizing conferences and forums at the GCC States for the purpose of modernization and development.

10. Encouraging sport-related scientific research.

11. Developing information policies, marketing in the sport field and development of financial resources

12. Making benefit from the specialized sport centers and medical labs and creating an effective partnership with the sports media for the purpose of developing the sport activity at the GCC States

13. making benefit from the sport training centers in the fields of training, arbitration, administration, information, marketing and the like

(B) Organizing the Joint Sport Action

I. The Board of the Chairmen of the Olympic Committees

The Board is composed of Their Highnesses and Excellencies, Chairpersons of the Olympic Committees at Member States or their representatives. The Board is chaired by the chairman of the Olympic committee who is the president of latest ordinary session of the Supreme Council.

The Board is the supreme authority of the GCC joint sport action. There is a coordination relationship between the Board and the government institutions in charge of youth and sport affairs.

Functions of the Board are as follows:

- implement the relevant resolutions of the Supreme Council and the Ministerial Council
- examine matters of the GCC sport joint action
- develop strategies and policies of the GCC sport joint action
- approve the recommendations, reports, studies and rules of the GCC sport joint action submitted by the Executive Office and the Secretariat-General
- adopt principles of cooperation with the other sport organizations
- authorize the Executive Office to formulate necessary rules and regulations for implementation of the provisions of the joint action Statute in sport filed

II. Executive Office of the Council of Chairpersons of the Olympic Committees

The Executive Office is composed of permanent members representing the Olympic Committees at the GCC States. The Office meets twice a year for preparation for the meetings of Chairmen of the Olympic Committees. The Office also holds a joint meeting with the heads of the organizing committees once every two years for coordination relating to the scheduling of the annual championships and the development of the sport activities. Functions of the committee includes: following up implementation of the decisions and recommendations of the Chairmen of the GCC Olympic Committees, identification of the Olympic principles, spreading sportsmanship, maintaining the GCC sport identity, proposing incentives for encouraging sport leaders, developing qualifying criteria, approval of the balance sheets and final accounts of the organizing committees and approving transfer of the venues of the organizing committees.

III. The Organizing Committee of Athletic Games

Desiring to develop a mechanism for organizing the various sports at the GCC States and adopt a rule for honest competition and cooperation between Member States that ensures continuation and development of such games, twenty-four committees for athletic games have been formed.

These committees are as follows:

The organizing committee of squash, the organizing committee of golf, the organizing committee of athletics, the organizing committee of bowling, the organizing committee of bicycles, the organizing committee of karate, the organizing committee of Taekwondo, the organizing committee of shooting, the organizing committee of dueling, the organizing committee of tennis, the organizing committee of swimming, the organizing committee of handicapped, the organizing committee of gymnastics, the organizing committee of snooker, the organizing committee of weight-lifting, the organizing committee of judo, the organizing committee of athletic medicine, the organizing committee of basketball, the organizing committee of volleyball, the organizing committee of football, the organizing committee of woman's sport, the organizing committee of baseball, the organizing committee of handball, the organizing committee of chivalry and racing and the organizing committee of boxing .

An organizing committee is usually composed of one representative from each federation or supervising agency at the GCC States and is accredited by the Olympic Committee at that State. The representative of the host federation chairs this committee. The Secretariat participates in the meetings of the committee. These committees endeavor to contribute to the achievement of GCC objectives in the fields of Olympic sports, rearing generations and strengthening the brotherly relationships between the federations of the game at the GCC States, promoting the level of the game and supporting the positions of the Member Federations in the Arab, regional, continental and international fields. These committees also seek to foster the sport ties and relations between Member Federations and the various sport federations and institutions at the Arab, regional, continental and international levels, coordinate with the federations concerned with the programs and activities of that committee, compose and prepare the GCC common sport teams and achieve the objectives of the relevant Arab, continental and international federations as well as implement their rules and strengthen inter-relations.

Objectives of the organizing committee include proposing general plans for promotion and spread of the game in the GCC States, developing programs for the friendly and competitive contests, supervising the championships and contests, forming subcommittees or interim committees and formulating their regulations and identification of their functions, proposing and amending relevant rules and regulations of the game according to the applicable international laws, examining the complaints, protests and objections submitted by Member Federations and Clubs, settlement of disputes in addition to organizing championships, conferences, forums and training and arbitration courses, conducting studies and exchanging information and
expertise between Member Federations in the various fields of the game. The committee also examines the proposals received from Member Federations for appropriate action, discusses and approves the administrative, technical and financial reports and the final statement for the preceding year and proposes the draft budget for the next year, in addition to other functions as set out in the committee's Rules of Procedures.

Over sixty sport activities are organized through these committees where the GCC athletes meet in the Olympic sports activities, in addition to organizing parallel sport activities at the Arabian Football Gulf Cup.

Stimulant Control in Sport Field

o The competent authorities Member States completed all necessary arrangements for accession to UNESCO International Convention on Sport Stimulant Control .
o Encouraging joint action among Member States especially in the field of awareness, unification of procedures and training and appropriate controls to prevent trafficking and movement of stimulants within or outside GCC Member States.
o Establishing an internationally accredited lab, hosted by Qatar, for detecting stimulants among athletes.