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With a view to achieving the GCC objectives through integration and coordination among Member States and unification of laws and rules in all areas of cooperation, namely the joint municipal action, the Ministerial Committee has identified several objectives of the joint action in this connection. Many of these objectives were actually attained as shown below:

I. Preparation of a Guide for the Preservation of the GCC Architectural Heritage

A Reference Guide for the Preservation of the GCC Architectural Heritage prepared by the State of Qatar was approved. The Guide entails developing constant policies that ensure preservation of the unique GCC architectural and historic heritage, documenting all antique and historic buildings, developing uniform mechanisms and plans for the works of maintenance and reconstruction of the antique and historic buildings. The Guide also identifies criteria for registration, classification and preservation of the architectural heritage. The Guide was approved at the 12th meeting of Their Highnesses and Excellencies the Ministers concerned with municipal affairs.

II. A Reference Guide for the Construction Works and Systems

The Guide was prepared in the Sultanate of Oman based on information received from all Member States. The Guide was approved at the 12th meeting of Their Highnesses and Excellencies, the Ministers concerned with the municipal affairs. The Guide contains general provisions outlining the objective of application, the architectural and technical requirements of buildings and those related to the uses by the individuals of special needs, the minimum spaces for rooms and shops, the interior dimensions, specifications of drainage systems for buildings and the stipulations of supervising the construction of buildings.
III. Accelerating the performance in municipal work and removing obstacles pursuant to the proposal of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques through proposing solutions for accelerating performance and removing any difficulties that impede the process of the joint municipal action.

IV. Establishing an Executive Office for Municipal Affairs to uphold the GCC process in the different municipal areas, particularly upgrading the level of municipal services, development of utilities, preserving the GCC architectural identity and urban environment

V. Comprehensive Strategic Architectural Planning leading to the preparation of comprehensive architectural plans with a view to developing a comprehensive GCC strategy

VI. As regards urban environment, the objectives that Member States seek to achieve in this respect have been identified by preparing an integrated matrix for the public transportation projects, roads and traffic engineering.

VII. Training national cadres in the municipal field through developing an Intra-GCC municipal strategy and organizing specialized workshops in the engineering and service field as well as the municipal support departments. In addition to free workshops, such as the workshop on electronic municipal services, the workshop on the role of the municipal action in enhancing sustainable development, the workshop on the development of municipal procedures in the public service and infrastructure safety projects

VIII. Finalization of the final draft Reference Guide for the Municipal Fees and the Collection thereof, which was prepared by the Kingdom of Bahrain, having taken into account all the remarks and suggestions received from Member States.

IX. Finalization of the Municipal Action Bulletin, which was prepared by the UAE. The bulletin is a documentary guide for the process of the GCC Municipal Action. The data and information contained in the bulletin are to be periodically updated.
X. The concerned Ministerial Committee is preparing a final draft outlining the work to be completed for establishing urban observatories through coordination between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Municipality of Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah, KSA, in this connection.

XI. Developing a perspective for the awareness and educational programs in the field of municipal action with a view to promoting awareness in this connection

XII. Development of the service facilities at the highways between Member States by assessing the present status of those facilities and the mechanism for monitoring the services rendered at highways

XIII. The Regulation of the GCC Municipal Award was finalized. The Award aims at encouraging the development of the municipal work in the GCC Member States.